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Thriving through Change - one day seminar


Course Objective:


Participants will feel more positive and better equipped to navigate the process of change within your organization.


Achieved through the specific aims of the training, which will help your staff:


  • Define their own personal attitudes to change

  • Develop personal strategies for dealing with change

  • Develop more self-awareness 

  • Develop their ability to change their thinking

  • Develop more understanding of the impact of change on body & mind

  • Develop their emotional resilience and deal more effectively with change



Course content


  • Discussion: Changes within the company, what do you think, how do you feel?

  • Personal Reflection: increase your awareness of your attitudes to change, and identify any potential obstacles to acceptance and integration

  • The benefits of change – embracing new opportunities

  • The Change Curve – dealing with the different stages

  • Emotional intelligence – reducing stress during transitions

  • Strategy Toolkit: practical strategies to promote strength of body and mind to meet the challenges of stressful transitions

  • Mindfulness and relaxation





Course participants will take part in small and larger discussion groups, and a variety of exercises to help develop the skills outlined above.  As always, the day will entail a good balance of instruction, interaction and lively discussion!  Specific strategies will be taught throughout the day to help staff to deal more effectively with change.


Benefits of attending


Course participants will:


  • Gain more understanding of the positive aspects of change

  • Gain more insight into their own attitudes & beliefs around change

  • Increase their awareness of personal strengths & areas for growth & change

  • Be able to identify where they are on the Change Curve

  • Understand how to deal with change differently and more effectively

  • Learn specific strategies for managing their emotions during stressful times

  • Learn how to identify and overcome their own resistance to change

  • Learn a range of skills to help them navigate transition and change in their lives

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