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Individual sessions of Stress Management


The aim of these confidential sessions of stress management is to help your employee “step back”, and look more objectively, with the help of a professional counsellor, at whatever they feel is causing their stress at work.  You are not legally required to prevent ill health caused by stress due to problems outside work, however; difficulties at home (financial, bereavement, relationships), can make it harder for people to cope with the pressures of work, and performance might suffer during certain times in their life.  Being understanding to staff in this position would be in your best interests.


During this process, I help people assess what they can change about the situation, their perception of it, and of course how they respond.


The skills I teach your staff, are as follows:


  • How to recognise signs/symptoms of stress building up


  • How to relax tension within themselves


  • How to deal with uncomfortable feelings which, left unchecked, can hinder good working relationships with colleagues


  • How to “step back” and evaluate feelings, thoughts and behaviour before “reacting “ to a situation


  • Self awareness exercises to assess their reactions in stressful situations


  • Stress management strategies to apply any time they feel under too much pressure



Here are some typical comments after a few sessions of stress management:


“I can look at issues from a different perspective; I feel more able to face reality and I no longer feel like a failure”


“My energy and enthusiasm for my job has returned, I feel more positive and more able to deal with situations confidently”


“I now recognise stress and tension building up in myself and my colleagues, and I’m able to do something about it sooner”


“It has helped to offload some of the pressure I have experienced in recent months, now I can see what I need to do…”



Individual Sessions of Counselling





As a counsellor I am committed to offering you personal support, honesty and respect; and within that atmosphere you have the opportunity to talk and be heard.


The therapy I offer provides you with a confidential space in which you can explore any aspect of your life.  In sharing and examining your thoughts, feelings and experiences, new perspectives and more understanding begin to emerge.


With a warm and very practical approach, my intent is to help you see where you have choices in your life, and to help you develop the inner resources to deal with any problems or feelings, whatever the cause.




The first appointment will be an opportunity to find out what you need, and to ask questions about the kind of therapy I offer.


If you decide you would like to continue, initially it is advisable to meet once a week, for about an hour.  For some people, a few sessions will be all that is required, for others, sessions may go on for a longer period.


For more information please contact me:


Tel: 07716 450707



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