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Here are some testimonials from past and current clients who have benefitted from this approach to managing stress in the organisation.

“Karen came across as extremely well structured, but flexible to cover individual circumstances. Her calm but knowledgeable way of presenting this sensitive training was a great fit. Karen was going the extra mile, helping people to benefit from this training far above common expectations.”   

Senior Director Global Leadership Team, UTC Aerospace (formerly Goodrich). France


Stress Management Workshops by Karen Cromwell


Karen Cromwell has delivered twelve Stress Management Workshops for us recently, in company, to various levels of supervisors and management.


Feedback from those who have participated in the workshops has been excellent. Many staff have commented how much they enjoyed the training, benefited greatly from attending and will be using the techniques Karen has introduced them to in their everyday lives, both personally and professionally. A number of staff were also noted as saying the workshop was the best training day they had ever attended!


I wholeheartedly recommend Stress Management workshops by Karen Cromwell. 


Kerry Goodall

Human Resources Officer – Training

SBP Limited






Some feedback from our clients…



“ …many staff have commented how much they enjoyed the training, benefitted greatly from attending and will be using the techniques introduced to them in their everyday lives, both personally and professionally.”


“A number of staff were noted as saying the workshop was the best training day they had ever attended!”


“I walked in here with the attitude of ‘I could do without this, I’ve got a lot to do’.  I leave here having enjoyed every minute and hopefully the better for the experience.  The presentation was excellent.”


“Excellent, exceeded expectations, should be mandatory for all managers/staff.”


“Senior management should attend this course.”


“Very interesting and enlightening, useful management skills learnt.”


“I thought the course presentation was excellent, and will prove to be helpful in both my working environment and professional life.”


“Very relaxed, friendly, easy to take in, not a barrage of information to be forgotten which is often the case on these courses.”


“The training was definitely of use both in the management of personal stress and recognition in others.  I believe it has given a valuable insight into a healthier professional and home life.”


“The best presentation & delivery of a course that I have ever experienced.”


“The information was presented clearly and concisely, the content was sufficient for a one day session and did not overload.  The personal approach was excellent, Karen was a joy to have as a trainer.”


“Karen was an excellent facilitator, very knowledgeable, well prepared & friendly.”


“Course very well structured but in a flexible way.  Extremely well presented in a professional but friendly manner.”


“Very good format, informative; good mix of instruction/participation.”


“Very professional & personal approach to a sensitive situation – good handouts to refer back to.”





From:        Brian Pestana

To:        “Karen Cromwell” (E-mail)

Sent:        03 September 2001 15.52

Subject:    Personal Note


Dear Karen


I have been meaning to sit down and write you and Frances a short note of thanks following the recent Stress Awareness Training you conducted for Horton Automatics Ltd.


The response to your training within the organisation has been remarkable.  I had really expected a lot of cynicism across the board, and while there was some, I believe that by the second training day a lot of that had evaporated.  While there are a hard-core few who believe they got nothing out of it, a lot of employees have remarked to me how useful it has been for them, not just in recognising their own limits, but also in being able to recognise the symptoms of stress in others.  I have had one senior manager remark to me that using the breathing and ”checking in” techniques helps deal with the stress before it becomes a major problem.


The positive results of your training have manifested themselves to me in the forms of better communication between individuals and departments and by people willing to seek clarification and ask for help.  For one individual, the “lightbulb” was recognising that the day-to-day job is all about the team finding solutions and not just individuals on their own in a “them and us” situation.


I have no doubt that the work started by yourselves has benefitted Horton Automatics immensely already.  People definitely feel far more positive about tackling problems, knowing colleagues around them understand better the pressures they are working under.  This is translating into improved morale and motivation at the individual level, and ultimately into better customer service, which is what Hortons is all about.



I look forward to working with you in the future.



Best regards,




MD Horton Automatics




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