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Stress Management & Counselling


About me


  • I have 30 years experience in therapeutic work, and trained in deep tissue massage, counselling and stress management.  My experience in the NHS working for the Department of Psychological Therapies in Shropshire spans thirteen years; and at a private clinic in Shrewsbury I offer individual sessions in counselling & stress management. 

  • In companies I offer workplace stress management & counselling.  For several years I ran a stress clinic at Telford District & Occupational Health, & have provided training courses in stress management for the public, private & voluntary sector.

  • I draw on my previous knowledge and experience of business needs and client relationships gained from ten years working in direct sales and sales training. 

  • With a warm and very personal approach, my strength is in motivating and supporting people in the practical application of stress management skills. I have a strong commitment to my own ongoing personal and professional development, and I am enthusiastic in sharing my understanding.

  • The training sessions I offer are designed to be highly interactive and personal, and I like to teach skills that are practical, simple and effective!

  • My training seminars have received an enthusiastic response to an informal yet structured approach. This has enabled participants to readily absorb and apply their learning.  

  • My passion is to inspire people through training and personal development, and to involve staff at all levels wherever possible. This approach facilitates teamwork and strengthens working relationships.

  • Whether working with whole organisations or directly with individual managers or staff, I strive to understand and respect each client’s specific problems and needs.  From this, I am able to create more effective stress management programmes.

  • As a consultancy I aim to deliver stress management products which are practical, accessible and cost effective, without causing additional stress! 

  • The high quality of my work has developed out of my care, commitment and experience, and my own ongoing personal and professional development.  I work in the UK, France, Germany & Switzerland.


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Karen Cromwell

  Dip TM Dip AC, MBACP


"As an organisation we are extremely impressed by the training Karen has delivered to our staff. Her friendly, approachable delivery includes opportunity for group participation and discussion and is supported by clear and informative handouts. The success of the workshops means that we hope to offer them regularly as part of our annual training programme."


Kerry Goodall, SBP Ltd, HR Epwin Group


Associate Trainer: Frances Salles

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